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Amazon Alexa

NOTE: The Amazon Alexa Audioflow Skill is only available for English language Amazon Locales (EU / UK / IE / US / CA) at the moment.

It’s easy to use the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant to control your Audioflow Switch with just a few simple steps:

Name your Zones

The Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant would pick up the Zone Names which you have set in the Configuration page of the Audioflow App. Please press the Cog button in the app, name your Zones appropriately and press the Save Settings button.

Enable Alexa

Simply click the Enable Alexa button on the Configuration page of the Audioflow App and enter the Amazon Credentials you would like to use for the Alexa service.

NOTE if you have the Amazon Shopping App installed on your device, then Audioflow will automatically use this login to associate the Alexa Voice Control service to. If you wish to use a different Amazon Account for Alexa than the Amazon Shopping app on your device, we would recommed that the Amazon Shopping app is temporarily removed.

Add the Audioflow Alexa Skill

Click on this link to: view Audioflow in the Amazon Skill Store or search for ‘Audioflow‘ in the Alexa App under More ➔ Skills & Games and click Enable.

Discover Devices

Use the phrase “Alexa, discover devices” for Amazon Alexa to pick up the new Switch devices and their names. If you do rename your Zones in the Audioflow App you must also say this again for Alexa to discover the new names.

Edit Names in the Alexa App

Once you have enabled Alexa in the Audioflow App, and added the Alexa Skill your system should be functional by saying “Alexa, turn ON/OFF [Zone Name]“.

You can consider renaming the short Zone Names in the Amazon Alexa app directly to ensure that they are unique and Alexa would not get confused with other devices you may have in these rooms (eg Lighting). Please follow the steps as pictured which describe how this can be carried out.

For example if your Audioflow Zone is ‘Patio‘, renaming this in the Alexa App to ‘Patio Speakers‘ would allow you to use wording such as “Alexa, turn on Patio Speakers” which is natural, unique and effective.

Please note that if you do rename zones in the Alexa App, these will take priority and override the Zone Name for Alexa. Subsequent changes to Zone Names in the Audioflow App would not change the names for Alexa if these have been edited this way.

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