Connecting your Audioflow switch

Connecting your Speakers and Amplifier

  • The maximum size cable which will be accepted by the terminals in the plugs would be 2.5mm2 or 14AWG.
  • You would need a 3.5mm Slotted Screwdriver to connect your speaker cables to these terminals.
  • Take care to ensure there are no stray cables causing short-circuits between the terminals in these plugs.
  • Please make all of your connections before powering on your amplifier.

Remote Control

This connector is for the contact closure feature which allows the option to operate your Audioflow Smart Speaker Switch from a cable run to a remote momentary switch, or to a control system.

Power Supply

This is for connecting the included international power adapter. If you require a replacement, you would need a 5V 1A DC Supply with a 2.1mm Barrel Plug and Centre Positive.

NOTE If your power supply is not connected, the Speaker Zones will default into their OFF position so there would be no audio output.

Wiring Example

PLEASE NOTE: Your wiring colour scheme for 4-Core cable may differ from the above example. Please be clear which colours you are using for Left and Right before you start wiring the Audioflow.

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