Remote Control Connector

What is Contact Closure?

The Remote Control connector at the rear of the switch is a set of volt-free contacts which can be used to remotely control the switch via an attached cable. If you connect the COM (Common) terminal with A, it will toggle Zone A, connect COM with B to toggle Zone B and so on.

The contacts are momentary and would detect pulses of 250ms.

Uses for Contact Closure

Physical Switching

You can use simple low gauge cable such as Cat5 / Cat6 / Telephone / Alarm cable to connect this to a physical momentary switch. Eg, run a cable to a wall switch in a room to turn the speakers on and off from there.

Control Systems

You are able to connect these contacts to relay terminals provided by some control systems to toggle the zones of the speaker switch, for example:

  • Control4 – Connect to the relay outputs of your EA-3, EA-5, IO Extender or ZigBee IO (note, you can now use IP Control with Control4 with our free Control4 Driver}
  • Lutron – Connect the to the relay outputs of the QSE-IO
  • Loxone – Connect to the relay outputs of a Loxone Miniserver or Relay Extension
  • ELAN – Connect to the relay outputs of your G! System Controller
  • Savant – Connect to the relay outputs of your SmartHost, SmartControl 12, 14, 25 or SmartLighting Controller
  • RTI – Connect to the relay outputs of your RCM-4 or RCM-12 Relay Control Module

Of course you can also use other systems not listed here which also have relay outputs.

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