Audioflow + Control4

Download the Control4 Driver

Audioflow has a free Control4 IP Driver available from Drivercentral or Janus Technology

  • Each zone of the Audioflow Switch appears as a button in the Control4 UI, allowing toggle controls with a single touch.  These can be placed almost anywhere by configuring the Navigator.
  • Polling function with the Audioflow Switch so operation by other means would be reflected in the Navigator
  • Button connections available for keypads, including LED Feedback.
  • Programming commands and events available, for example you can use this for features such as turning on Ensuite Speakers via a PIR Sensor if music is playing in a Bedroom.
  • Use this as a great utility to reduce the number of rooms you would need to create on a Control4 system for controlling different related areas (sub-zones). This driver can provide your customer with simple control which is easy to use.

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