Audioflow + Control4

Download the Control4 Driver

Audioflow has a free Control4 IP Driver available from Drivercentral or Janus Technology

  • Each zone of the Audioflow Switch appears as a button in the Control4 UI, allowing toggle controls with a single touch.  These can be placed almost anywhere by configuring the Navigator.
  • Polling function with the Audioflow Switch so operation by other means would be reflected in the Navigator
  • Button connections available for keypads, including LED Feedback.
  • Programming commands and events available, for example you can use this for features such as turning on Ensuite Speakers via a PIR Sensor if music is playing in a Bedroom.
  • Use this as a great utility to reduce the number of rooms you would need to create on a Control4 system for controlling different related areas (sub-zones). This driver can provide your customer with simple control which is easy to use.

Finding the IP Address of your Audioflow

When you add the the Audioflow Plugin to your Rithum Switch it will ask you for the IP Address of the Audioflow. Within the Audioflow App, when you enter the settings of your Audioflow (Cog Button) you will find the IP Address displayed within the information at the bottom of the screen.

You can also find the IP Address by holding down the ‘Zone A’ button of your Audioflow for 3 seconds and reading the address on the middle line of the second page.

We would recommend that you edit the settings of your Broadband Router and set this up such that your Audioflow receives the same IP Address every time it is restarted. This is often called a DHCP Reservation or a Static Lease.

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