Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impedance?

Briefly, impedance is a measurement for how much resistance (or load) speakers place on an amplifier.

  • The lower your impedance, the more power your amplifier would output. However, if the load is too low your amplifier may output too much power and be beyond it’s specification. It is important to stay above the minimum impedance rating of your amplifier.
  • The higher your impedance, the less power your amplifier would output. This is generally not a problem but you may experience a slight reduction in audio quality due to the reduction in power output – this would depend on your specific speakers and amplifier but can often be imperceptible.

What happens when all of the Zones are turned off?

When all of the zones are turned off, the Audioflow Switch introduces a 200Ω dummy load to the amplifier. This is a safety feature which avoids your amplifier output suddenly becoming open circuit when using the Audioflow Switch.

Do I need to use the Audioflow App?

If you are only using the buttons on the front of the switch and/or the Contact Closure feature of the switch then you would not need to use the app.

What Wi-Fi Standards does the Audioflow Switch Support?

  • The Audioflow Switch is a 2.4GHz device, it does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n is supported
  • WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal is supported

My Wi-Fi Network has a hidden SSID, how do I connect the Audioflow Switch to my network?

You cannot go through the setup procedure with a hidden SSID, however if you temporarily unhide your network to set up the switch you can then hide your SSID once it is set up.

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