No audio output

If you have no audio output out of one of the zones of your switch:

  • Please check all of your connections
  • Please check that you do not have a Zone turned on which does not have any speakers connected to it – if you have a spare zone on your switch we would recommend that this is disabled in the Audioflow app so that it is not accidentally enabled.

Cannot Setup the Audioflow

If the Audioflow was previously setup to a different Wi-Fi Network (eg was used by someone else / purchased from eBay etc) then you will need to reset the Audioflow.

If you are still having trouble during the setup process, you must ensure you have Location enabled on the device you are using to setup the Audioflow. We use the ‘location’ permission to detect if you are connected to the Audioflow Wi-Fi Network, we do not actually find or collect your location.

Some zones are slightly louder than others

Note that this is a normal side effect of similar speaker switches with this type of impedance matching circuitry. The difference in volume between different zones of speakers would vary depending on your amplifier, which other zones are switched on and the sensitivity of the speakers you are using.

In most cases the difference in volume is not too noticable. If this is an issue in your installation, you can experiment with plugging in the speakers into different zones which may balance out your system for various combinations.

Some zones have disappeared from the app

It is likely that these zones have been accidentally disabled. To fix this, click the [Cog] configure button and make sure that the zone you want to control has it’s checkbox ticked. For more info, please see the support page for using the app.

When a Zone is turned off, there is still sound

This would happen if your wiring is incorrect. Please carefully double check your wiring scheme is as per the legends printed on the back of the Audioflow Switch, especially the poliarity and wiring scheme of the incoming amplifier connections. You can view some wiring examples on the connecting your Audioflow support page.

The switch is operating erratically on it’s own

When the Audioflow Switch is first powered on, it calibrates the touch buttons on the front of the unit. If you are holding down these buttons when powering the switch on (eg holding the switch in one hand while plugging it in with the other) then the buttons can be miscalibrated and behave erratically.

Please unplug the power from the Audioflow Switch and plug it back in again without touching the front panel buttons.

Getting further support

If you do need further help with your Audioflow Switch please do not hesitate to get in touch with us,

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